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Rent-to-buy cars

A rent-to-buy car is similar to getting a loan to purchase a car. You use a car paying monthly rent and then you buy it paying the balance of its price.

However, the rent-to-buy car has a number of advantages over a car loan:

  • Rent-to-buy cars are cheaper than getting a loan to purchase car.
  • You don’t need many certificates and papers required for getting a loan. You just need your passport and driving license.
  • You don’t need to pay down payment.
  • We will choose a car from our fleet.
  • If you want, you can return the car you rent or change it.
  • You can buy a car before due time
  • We pay KASKO and OSAGO insurance.


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To get detailed information on rent-to-buy cars, please contact our manager by phone in St. Petersburg +7 812 970 34 34.

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