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Car catalog Car rental Audi A6 (C7)

Audi a6 rental

Прокат автомобиля Audi A6 (C7)

Audi A6 offer rental C7 without a driver in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg ).

Rental Audi A6 C7 (Audi A6) - One of the most popular services companies that provide services car rental. This is easily explained, Audi fact - this is one of the flagships the automotive industry. this car can be called a kind of symbiosis machines executive class and sports cars.

great dynamic design combined with Audi 's excellent driving characteristics and ease of operation, as well as a high degree of comfort and safety features make this car almost perfect. Car Audi A6 ( C7) - the best way to truly appreciate all the advantages of this German car.


  • Night Vision - the function that recognizes pedestrians before cars ( from 15 to 90 m) and a warning to the appropriate color and beep
  • Multitronic - this transmission significantly increases the efficiency of the engine (the most optimal mode )
  • kruih adaptive control system and Audi side asssist allow you to feel safe on the road, even in the most critical moment
  • Touch trunk opening
  • Adaptive headlights

Audi often rent for wedding and our the company recommends this model as a wedding car, so If you decide that - then hurry up! Audi A6 now selling like hot cakes.

tariffs mileage limits

  • No limit - by Saint- Petersburg and Leningrad region
  • 350 km / day - in Russia - 4 rubles. / Km over the limit < / span>

car Audi A6 Mark C7 rental without driver in St. Petersburg by phone +7 (812 ) 970-34-34.

This car also rented with driver .

Rental Price
1-2 days 5900 rub.
3-7 days 5400 rub.
8-15 days 5000 rub.
16-30 days 4300 rub.
more than 30 days 3900 rub.
Weekend rate 14750 rub.
Breakage deposit in cash 15000 rub.
Flatrate безлимитный rub.


Year 2015
Engine 2,0
Body Black
Alloy Wheels R-17
Salon leather / black
Automatic +
Parktronic +
Navigation +
Multimedia +
Climate Control +

Photos of Audi A6 (C7)

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