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Mercedes Vito 2.2D with a driver lease

Mercedes Vito 2.2D Mercedes Vito 2.2D Mercedes Vito 2.2D Mercedes Vito 2.2D Mercedes Vito 2.2D Mercedes Vito 2.2D Mercedes Vito 2.2D Mercedes Vito 2.2D Mercedes Vito 2.2D Mercedes Vito 2.2D Mercedes Vito 2.2D Mercedes Vito 2.2D Mercedes Vito 2.2D

offer rental 8 - seater Mercedes Vito with driver in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg ). It can fit 2 or 5, or 7, or 8 passengers per day or more - as you wish.

Car Mercedes Vito out of the lineup in Russia once dubbed " Vitek " for its reliability, efficiency and throughput in local conditions. It is designed for intensive use and pays for itself many times. On board a car takes 9 passengers, or so: 7 adults and two children and another luggage. Even in such a situation will not close.

hire minibus with a driver in business

Roomy interior Mercedes Vito and his small even by the standards of urban dimensions, and especially fuel economy make cars very popular " instrument of production." Rent mercedes vito perfectly pays off his restlessness and indestructibility. This applies, so to speak, to his " innate " benefits. What are the benefits received by the client directly in our company ?

  • Cars regularly serviced us technically. This is, firstly.
  • rental van assumes its substitutability in case of failure for any reason. This second.
  • Compulsory insurance makes minibus hire from our fleet even more profitable because the owner pays the premiums and not the tenant.
  • In addition, our customers can travel on leased vehicles in the EU.

Rental Mercedes vans in our company - a real opportunity to establish their own business without the initial capital. The system of incremental payment and discounts for beginners.

Color black.

Mark Mercedes Vito car rental with driver in St. Petersburg by phone +7 (812 ) 970-34-34.

This car also rented without driver .

tariffs mileage limits

  • 250 km / day - in Russia - 4 rubles / km over the limit < br>
  • 350 km / day - for the city of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region - 4 rubles. / km over the limit
Rental Price
Hour of rental 800 rub.
Transfer 2 500 rub.

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minibus Options standard
Year 2011
Engine 2,2
Transmission Manual
Fuel consumption per 100 km 9 l
Air +
Doors 2
Body Type
Seats 3
Drive Front
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