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Car catalog News How to save on car rentals in St. Petersburg

How to save on automobile lease in Peter

Many believe that to save on renting a car by selecting the most budget model or scrounge at discount car rental company . In fact, there are other ways in which you can save during the operation of the rolling car . Knowing some rules can be saved more than 20 % of the fuel , and hence reduce the cost of hiring .

renting a car , make sure that the tire pressure was found optimal . Poorly -inflated tires will cause increased resistance , and too much pressure will increase stiffness of the suspension and as a consequence cause a deterioration of ride comfort . The correct tire pressure can save more than five percent of the fuel .

During the ride , try to move in high gear , based on the capabilities of the engine .

replace conventional braking motor brake . Promptly released by the gas pedal will not spend too much fuel .

Try to move at a safe distance , avoiding sudden braking , it will help you not only save fuel, but also nerves .

Avoid high speeds , this is a serious fuel consumption due to increased drag .

Try not to use additional " embezzlers " fuels, such as interior lighting , heated seats and rear window , etc. Do not forget to remove the " trunk " from the roof of a car , such ballast also results in additional consumption .

This applies not only to rent a car in St. Petersburg , but in the case of rental cars in any city of the Russian Federation


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