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The best not only in Europe but also worldwide by organizing car rental, recognized Avis. It was so decided to readers of one of the most prestigious publications about cars «Business Traveller». By the way, this magazine read with interest of more than 48 thousand people in the world. The journalists conducted a survey among readers of the car rental company, according to which, and the rating of the most- car companies, organizing rental.

Main purpose of this survey, which, incidentally, is held every year, was to assess the level of such services who like to enjoy "business" tourists. Company Avis deserved, according to the magazine's readers, recognized as the best car rental companies around the world.

Director of Sales car rental company in Katherine Rovson noted that employees of the company are very proud of the honorary title, and believe that this award is the best level of service reflects the service in-house. Rent a car in the company can be from almost anywhere in the world. All these results are well-coordinated work of employees.


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