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Car catalog News Toyota took eletrokarov market analysis and hybrid cars

Toyota did an analysis of electrocars market and automobiles of hybrid type

прокат авто

It is possible that very soon the company Toyota takes a leading position in the market of electric and hybrid cars. Remembering the commitment of the company, which by 2020 had planned to conquer the auto market, it is clear that the establishment on the basis of Toyota FCV-R hydrogen car - it's just another step on the way to the goal.

It is worth noting that Toyota FCV-R Concept - this is absolutely unique hydrogen car. If you believe the rumors, then by 2015, the company will make every effort to present a model on the market, so it is possible that the prototype for her will be the FCV-R.

To the great delight of eager fans of the brand's official release FCV-R is fast approaching and will be held at the Tokyo Motor Show. According to experts, the bottom of the cars equipped with the "hydrogen" system enhances the cabin space, so it can safely fit four adults. It is assumed that the volume of the fuel tank cars to be missed on a trip of 700 kilometers.


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