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The carport About the company

About company

Every company has its’ way of development. We are not an exception. We can’t say that our way was very difficult. Good luck and our love to our work helped us in problem solving, but still there were some difficulties.

All problems which appeared on our way we passed with dignity and desire to become even better and more popular. To become a company which will trust not only poorly informed in car rental city guests, but also people of St. Petersburg. Looking back with proud on the amount of work we’ve done we would like to note that we did it! Today our company is a leader on car rental market despite the fact that it continues to grow and evolve expanding customers’ base.

Cars fleet

One of the main achievements in the history of the company – is company’s’ own cars fleet. Here are collected the samples of the best brands and models of cars from manufactures from Germany, Japan and France. Automobiles of representative class, business class, standard and economy – each of it will help to solve certain problems.


The fleet is under the company security, under the supervision of the team of smiths, mechanics and electricians. Cars are regularly inspected by machines personnel in order to identify possible problems and failures in the mechanisms. If there is any the car is taken on repair and after that a test drive takes place. Also there are people whose main task is to make leased cars clean. There were any failures in their work. Cars are always clean, well-maintained and ventilated.

Service as a business card

We are well known in St. Petersburg, Moscow and regions. Is it because of a big fleet of cars and wide choice of automobiles? It’s partly for that reason, but not only because of that. People trust and recommend us, because working with us is comfortable and reliably. We don’t breach terms, don’t let down with booking, find solutions in case of unexpected situations. And this is worth it when each minute counts.