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Automobiles lease without driver

Аренда авто по самым низким в Петербурге ценам

Auto rental without a driver and automobiles lease with driver - are the major services of a company. An automobile fleet represents more than 60 representative cars of business class.

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Извините, сейчас нет автомобилей, соответствующих заданным параметрам. Выберите, пожалуйста, другие характеристики.

Видео-обзоры автомобилей компании Lux Rent

How rent a car without a driver?

Step 1
Send online-request or call
+7 (812) 640-65-34
+7 (812) 970-34-34.
Step 2
Coordinate with manager date and time of renting
Step 3
You arrive at the point of issue or we can deliver your car to any place of St.Peterburg
Step 4
Sign a contract of renting, pay the cost of renting and make deposit

Conditions of renting a car without a driver

If you rent a car without a driver you need:

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Lux-Rent Transport Company provides services for car rental without a driver in Saint-Petersburg (Spb). The fleet of the company contains cars of different classes, including automobiles of VIP and business classes.

Advantages of renting a car in our company:

  1. Optimal pricing policy, discount card, special offers and discounts on rent
  2. Wide choice. Car rental from economy to business class. Also there are elite and luxurious cars
  3. Warranty. Cars rental with CASCO and OSAGO insurance
  4. Comfortable conditions. Car rental at any time of a day, week, month or a year
  5. Several places of cars rental in St. Petersburg
  6. The ability to rent a transport with further buyout
  7. Quick processing of documents. Your personal Manager
  8. Quality, professionalism and high level of service in auto rent.
  9. Car rental with a delivery to an appropriate place in St. Petersburg or to your address
  10. Extension of lease is in the manager’s duty.

The conditions for the development of new services - car rental without driving experience and without collateral.

You can rent a car on different occasions – meetings, excursions, business trips, a romantic dinner, a family trip. Also you can do a test drive of a car of a particular brand.

Advantages of renting a car without a driver:

  1. The absence of travel restrictions: Saint-Petersburg, all Russia or abroad
  2. The rented vehicle can be used at any time of the day
  3. Lack of maintenance costs and depreciation

We make car without a driver service very easy and accessible. To rent a car in Saint - Petersburg-please call

Before make your order recomend read detailed rent conditions and our price for additional services and contract of rent..

We provide car rental both for private and for legal entities..

For rent a car in St.Petersburg call , +7 (812) 970-34-34 or fill in the online-form.

Also you can rent a car with driver for wedding day, transfer and for other purposes.