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Long-term automobiles lease

We offer to rent cars in Saint-Petersburg (SPb) for long stays of one month (most common for legal entities - car for two months).

Advantages of long car rentals

  • Expansion of the fleet without financial costs and attracting credit funds
  • Replacement of the car in case of an accident
  • Guarantee no loss of time and money due to downtime
  • Responsibility for the car our car rental company
  • Additional services (medical examination airbag, insurance, Parking etc)

Reasons for long-term car rental with us are the next:

  • points to the lease of machines in different areas of the city
  • working hours - 9.00-21.00
  • wide fleet - selection of a car for rent, depending on your needs
  • long-term car rental with and without driver
  • affordable rates, working directly, without intermediaries
  • regular discounts, promotions, bonuses to rent a car for a month, two or more
  • the machine is in excellent condition
  • long car hire with a further right of repurchase
  • additional services (maintenance auto storage of winter tires etc)

Long-term rental in Lux-Rent Company can be carried with an impressive discounts. You can find the current shares and new proposals on the main page.

With questions and suggestions to order a car, please call at +7 (812) 970-34-34

We also offer the following services:

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