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Minus five percent on car rental for one action

Transport company Lux Rent offers a special offer - discount on rental cars at the rate of 5% for joining our group Vkontakte.


The new office Lux Rent!

Dear Colleagues ,

We hasten to inform you about the wonderful news - we are expanding!

We are pleased to invite you to the company's new office at Suite Rent - ave. Five-year, 2

As you can see on the map, the new office is not far from our office on the street. Kollontai, 17, so you do not have to tread to us a completely new way - come to us, we will always welcome!

So, this is our third office, we are developing and are not in place, but the company's goal remains the same: to provide the best car rental services!

How to save on car rentals in St. Petersburg

Many believe that to save on renting a car by selecting the most budget model or scrounge at discount car rental company . In fact, there are other ways in which you can save during the operation of the rolling car . Knowing some rules can be saved more than 20 % of the fuel , and hence reduce the cost of hiring .

renting a car , make sure that the tire pressure was found optimal . Poorly -inflated tires will cause increased resistance , and too much pressure will increase stiffness of the suspension and as a consequence cause a deterioration of ride comfort . The correct tire pressure can save more than five percent of the fuel .

Book a car will help iPhone!

We are fortunate to live in an era of new technologies. We quietly as must accept the benefits of civilization , no longer remembering that once even a mobile was inaccessible luxury . All of us , including children and has its own set of modern devices , each of which performs its specific functions .

Not so long ago, thanks to the " apple" of the Apple world saw new gadgets - iPhones , offers great opportunities to its users. Use the functionality of fashionable handsets company decided Europcar, whose main activity - is a car rental .

Charismatic, athletic, agile - Honda Civic 4D

Charismatic , athletic , agile - it's not about the athlete . It reviews for our new car park Honda Civic. He's really agile and responsive to the pedal . He's really athletic , because sits low , and the rate of developing for 8 sec. ( virtually place ) - 100 km . He is charismatic - in the sense of driver ergonomics. Very comfortable driver's seat with wide lateral support, control panel , designed for all kinds of functional tasks on the trip.

Toyota Camry Production in St. Petersburg

The factory Toyota Motor, located in the northern capital, started producing cars Toyota Camry new generation.

Employees press service reported that the preparation for production trends began last year. In autumn 2010, the factory began a large-scale training of staff in the use of new technologies. In addition, was completely modernized equipment.

According to General Director of the Company Matsunaga Yoshinori model change was an excellent opportunity for employees to gain new experience and knowledge in the production of cars.

In the French capital in the near future it will be possible to rent electric cars

By the end of this year in Paris, plans to open a unique rental where everyone will be able to rent electric car for yourself. It is planned that the car rental will be implemented through the rolling office is not as it was before, but by using a network of automated points. This method is widely used for bicycle and has already managed well enough to prove in Europe. While Paris is the first city in Europe where you can be on a similar basis to rent electric car for city driving.

Similar system rolled planned to launch in the French capital last year, but plans nagryanuvshaya mixed financial crisis. New term - this is the first winter month in 2011.

Rental cars: the best company

The best not only in Europe but also worldwide by organizing car rental, recognized Avis. It was so decided to readers of one of the most prestigious publications about cars «Business Traveller». By the way, this magazine read with interest of more than 48 thousand people in the world. The journalists conducted a survey among readers of the car rental company, according to which, and the rating of the most- car companies, organizing rental.

Main purpose of this survey, which, incidentally, is held every year, was to assess the level of such services who like to enjoy "business" tourists. Company Avis deserved, according to the magazine's readers, recognized as the best car rental companies around the world.

Toyota took eletrokarov market analysis and hybrid cars

It is possible that very soon the company Toyota takes a leading position in the market of electric and hybrid cars. Remembering the commitment of the company, which by 2020 had planned to conquer the auto market, it is clear that the establishment on the basis of Toyota FCV-R hydrogen car - it's just another step on the way to the goal.

It is worth noting that Toyota FCV-R Concept - this is absolutely unique hydrogen car. If you believe the rumors, then by 2015, the company will make every effort to present a model on the market, so it is possible that the prototype for her will be the FCV-R.

Toyota Camry factory in St. Petersburg

With the easy flow of the Japanese manufacturer, and finally in St. Petersburg started production of the popular Toyota Camry. According to the head of the plant in the northern capital Matsunaga Yoshinori level of production in Russia is no worse than in Japan. Cars arriving on the conveyor, differ the same quality and safety. Yoshinori Mutsunaga sure Petersburg factories can be proud of today.

Recall that the company introduced a new product that motorists Toyota Camry in August of this year, whereas Ukrainian motorists less fortunate, they had the honor to personally see the new model in the autumn.

Attention, our company has new services!

аренда авто

  • Rent a bicycle rack in the gift to the order
  • Car boot Thule
  • Rental kit for outdoor recreation (includes BBQ, ax, rope for tug).

Please note that our company received the lowest auto rental deposit: only 100 euros (terms).


Started selling cars of our fleet!

аренда авто

In connection with the expansion and replacement of vehicles in our fleet started selling at discount prices popular car models. Brands and prices sold vehicles can contact our managers by phone +7 (812) 970-34-34.

And again, new arrival car!

Now available in 5 cars Ford Focus! Brand new, prestigious foreign cars are waiting for you in our salon.